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You are logged on to the online portal of the insurance company. Services of compulsory health insurance. Welcome there, here you will be provided with all the necessary information on the types, costs of insurance, and online consultation will help to make a choice and understand how important insurance in everyday life. What you interested in? Social, pension, health insurance? Where to buy insurance. There is a special offer for beginners "Register today, insure your life and property at a reasonable price". Click on the call icon — and the conversation with the personal insurance agent has already begun.

What is the object of insurance?

Types of insurance: life and health; property (natural and legal persons); liability to third parties. Having in mind the property, people want to save material values, housing, car, while personal insurance — is the safety of life, health, ability to work. To order the insurance policy on the house. Sometimes you have to insure your liability (damage caused by actions or inaction). The insurance policy can be voluntary, but in some cases required. For example, a contract auto civil liability, medical insurance (OMS). Many people do not think that contributions to the pension Fund — it is also, in fact, nothing more than mandatory insurance premiums! Only the pension still takes into account the voluntary savings part, and this differs from other cases. Order insurance auto. What is imputed to a citizen's duty to the state, making the relevant law. In municipal transport insurance is included in the fare: this includes planes, trains, trains, ships, etc.

Voluntarily and independently to protect yourself

A person as an individual can conclude an insurance contract for housing and other buildings, things inside the house, jewelry, cars, even animals. Order pole CTP. What risks do you want to reduce? The property may deteriorate due to the flooding of the apartment with water, breakthrough heating. fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters. Insurance companies operate in many areas, but insurance against accidents, disability and property losses remain the most popular, 60% of the total number of contracts. The rest is distributed between the more exotic options: insure against non-receipt of a visa at the Consulate, give medical policies to those traveling abroad, maybe even insure against failure during surgical intervention (for example, when plasticizing a person). Order CTP. Liability insurance contracts also have a number of features. Insurance is obtained by those who have suffered damage. The amount of compensation cannot be set to the maximum, which is referred to as the liability limit. To buy insurance on a car. All benefits and risks in each case will be explained by a personal insurance agent.

  1. We leave a request on the website in the appropriate section, using the pop-up online consultation.
  2. Ask a question and you are contacted by a free agent or operator.
  3. You will receive a sample insurance contract by e-mail.
  4. Sign, you pay - you are insured!

How to buy insurance?

The contract can be found here on the page. Basic rates there are also, for convenience, they are furnished in the form of a table. After online consultation, by clicking "Insure", fill out the form that will transfer the data specified by you, including the contact phone number, to the contract form and send the finished order to the post office. Insurance checkup to buy. After payment is made, the contract begins to operate. You can order the delivery of printed documents, the courier will bring them at. Your property and life are worth taking care of!

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